It’s that news that every PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) gamer has been waiting for. Yes, that’s right – for the next few weeks when players log into the game they will receive a free in-game “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” t-shirt which will appear in the inventory, YES!

This, of course, also marks the official 1.0 release of the game, which after nine months in Early Access and launching on Xbox One less than a month ago has been making it’s mark and attracting fans and players in the millions. Despite a slightly rocky start on console release with a cascade of game play, visual and server issues, the game still pulled in over a million people in the first 48 hours alone, and has since has its first couple of patches to start addressing the reported problems.

1.0 also marks the release of the first additional map in PUBG’s catalogue, the desert ‘Miramar’. When exploring this new area, you may find three new vehicles that aren’t available on the island map: the minibus, the pickup truck, and the Jet Ski. If you’re playing with a group then the bus might be a fun choice, although if you’d prefer combat advantage over sightseeing you’ll probably lean towards the truck. The vaulting action also unlocks in this patch, allowing you to move quickly and escape if you get stuck or need to pull off some classic Die Hard moves.

To read the full 1.0 patch notes, you can follow the link here.