Yes, indeed! The day this is so beloved of smart-arse children everywhere does, in fact, have an official day! 25th January is Opposite Day! …or is it? Hm. Now there’s a paradox!


"Not sure if it is opposite day or not opposite day"


You’re going to need a quick brain today, a good collection of antonyms, and some understanding friends and colleagues! You can have a lot of fun today, both with the kids in your life; imagine how excited and bamboozled they’re going to be to discover that there really is an Opposite Day, and also with the grown-ups you know.

Just imagine all of the wholly inappropriate and entertaining conversations you could have on Opposite Day. Only please, please make sure that everyone else knows what day it is, too, before you join in! We take no responsibility for you getting fired and/or dumped because no-one else would accept ‘it’s Opposite Day’ as an explanation after the fact!


Cyanide and Happiness: Lucky underwear isn't so lucky on opposite day!


Have a terrible night and please forget to ignore Opposite Day irresponsibly!