Today is July 31st! Which means… Harry Potter’s birthday is today! 

This is exactly the moment to be wandering round the house in your most robe-like outfit, swish and flicking any wand-like item you own (unless you’re cool enough to have a wand. I have a wand.) and singing some of the most brilliant and recognisable theme tunes in the history of recent cinema.

Like this!

We love Harry Potter here. Loooove.

Today is the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II Official Script Book… and we are waiting with bated breath. We will absolutely be covering that immediately just as soon as we’ve read the dang thing! Keep an eye out on Roll the Dice!

We celebrated Harry Potter’s birthday in 2017 with a dedicated Harry Potter podcast live to Facebook! You can watch it back below:

In the meantime…Have you read Hogwarts, a History? Fancy proving it? Have a look at:

Did you read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone way back when in 1998? I totally did. Read that here!

Have you ever wondered how to sufficiently demonstrate your totally excellent taste in Quidditch and House colours? Check out our shopping list here…

Where is your favourite place to hang out in the wizarding world?

Not got your copy of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child yet? Want to see what all the fuss is about, without the spoilers?


How will you be celebrating Harry Potter’s birthday?


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