It’s #snowmageddon! Winter is coming! Or rather, it’s still here. The snow has fallen and it’s not so much delightful as a bit of a pain in the arse. Or is it? Weather is the topic du jour, with discussions of appropriate clothing, whether umbrellas are truly necessary, whether summer is best, and whether the weather can please anyone really?!

Covering the worst sunburn we’ve ever had, the frequency of snow-related car accidents and whether there’s ever an excuse for soggy socks, this episode may be the most British NerdyBirds we’ve ever done!

Also requested from our trusty listeners, send us pictures of your snow art, particularly dicks drawn on cars!

Public service announcement: we are all in support of apps like Street Link which enables you to report the location of homeless people in order that they can access shelters and support services –

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Stay safe and throw snowballs!

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