The NerdyBirds are sometimes frustrated, irritated and appalled. Sometimes we talk about it on the podcast. This week however, we asked you!

The NerdyBirds Tournament of Minor League Irritations was launched on our social media this week, with a group stage, two semi-finals and a grand final! From a selection of our eight least favourite things that slightly annoy us, you the people helped us narrow down the most frustrating elements of modern life.

If you were following along on Twitter @lightandnerdy, or on Facebook at Light and Nerdy, you may know the answers. But you may be surprised at what we learned along the way!

From surprise entries to runaway winners, we cover it all. Let us know what you thought on social media – and don’t forget to check out the gif battles which ensued mid-tournament!

* Apologies to listeners for the sound quality issues on this week’s episode, we ran into a number of technical difficulties and have done our best to rectify the problems.