“Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho”. Is this one of the greatest lines of one of the greatest Christmas movies ever? Or is Die Hard a pretender to the Christmas movie throne?

The NerdyBirds get cinematic this week, with recommendations of the best Christmas films if you want a classic (Home Alone) or a tear jerker (Miracle on 34th Street) or even a traditional Christmas horror movie (Krampus). We talk about whether some films qualify at all, whether there are any modern classics, and what films have to be watched for it to be considered Christmas at all. Anyone for a Muppets Christmas Carol viewing party with the NerdyBirds?

Let us know the best Christmas film we missed, and weigh in on the debate as to whether Home Alone is just a very sad story about terrible parenting, and not festive after all. Chuck jingle bells our way on Twitter, @RtDnerds