Following our interview with Nina in ep50, we discuss consent. How were we taught about it? When did we feel confident withholding it? Why is sex education important anyway? On National Coming Out Day we discuss why giving young people the right words to explore who they are is vital to support their mental health and wellbeing, and discuss whether information should ever be withheld simply because “they’re children”.

Spoiler, no. We talk about the best ways to explain consent to others, why those conversations are crucial and why we have to keep trying. Is consent like tea? We think so – see this fab cartoon for details.

Do men who “get friendzoned” deserve sex as a prize? How damaging is pop culture in portraying scary and sexist attitudes? This episode of the NerdyBirds was recorded on International Day of the Girl, which feels appropriate as we talk how to feel safe.

Let us know how your sex education went – was it dire? Bananas on condoms or men in a swimming pool? Let us know on Twitter @RtDnerds

Join us next Friday for a brand new episode!

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