SURPRISE! It’s still our birthday! Here’s the conclusion to our Birthday Quiz!

NerdyBirds have been podcasting for a whole year! We know, it snuck up on us too. We felt like we needed to celebrate ourselves, because it’s our party and we’ll be ego-centric if we want to. We like parties, we like knowing things, so we mixed all that together and we did a quiz!

Hosted by the master of tough quizzes Sarah, the NerdyBirds competed against each other for the esteemed prize of having paid attention most of the time. Some of us were really bad at it – it’s like we weren’t even there! We had rounds like “name this episode”, “what did Hannah say?” and “who said this?” Who suggested throwing crockery was a good idea (and why?), which TV finale sent Hannah into paroxysms of rage, and why does Jess cancel plans?

Part 1 of the quiz is available here!

If you think you know better than us, fingers on the buzzers please, and let us know your answers our Twitter @RtDNerds with #RWTNB and check out our blog for more content at Roll the Dice

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