This week the NerdyBirds discuss robots and AI. Robots in film, TV, books, and in real life too – would you want a robot butler? Our Twitter poll said hell yes, but only just – the other popular response was no way! We talk the difference between a robot doing a task (useful) and an artificial intelligence choosing its own priorities (skynet). We talk the cute – Baymax, Wall-E, BB8 – to the muscle (Terminator) and the brains (Marvin the paranoid android).

We also briefly talk about robot on robot, whatever that would be (please only Google at your own discretion. Sorry)

Back in the real world, would you correctly guess the six occupations which experts say can never be performed by robots? Did you know that using autopilot in planes can impair the judgement of pilots? Have you heard of the personal care robots in Japan?

Let us know the task you’d happily outsource to a robot! If you’ve heard of an amazing robotics breakthrough, tell us! If you’d like us to talk about sex robots in greater detail (there we go, mentioning it again) do tell us, all on our Twitter @RtDNerds with #RWTNB and check out our blog for more content at Roll the Dice

Image Credit: Where’s Wall-E? By Richard Sargent from Hopewell Studios

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