The Light and Nerdy family is always growing, we’re always on the look out for new talent and those with nerdy thoughts to share with the world so it’s our honour to introduce the latest addition to the writing team, Chris O’Brien! We asked Chris to introduce himself to our wonderful followers so without further ado, over to Chris:

I won’t lie to you, I see this becoming a largely ignored section of an otherwise fantastic website (you should check out the Nerdy Birds for the name alone!) Joking aside, I’m delighted to have an excuse to write about one of my favourite things in this bleak world, wrestling! Second only to music, wrestling is one of my greatest passions in life and I’ll take just about any chance I get to talk about it!

I thought I would introduce myself by briefly answering questions I would ask any wrestling fan, as well as some I’d ask a Writer/Podcaster, this is an FAQ if you will.

Favourite match?

CM Punk VS John Cena at Money in The Bank 2011. This show is just the perfect mix of story and work rate, a true classic.

Favourite PPV?

Survivor Series 2002- I had a VHS of this as a kid (if I recall right it was stolen from a library). Call it nostalgia but this show had a bit of everything and I love it.

Did you grow your hair out to be like Edge?

Nope! I did it to look like John Lennon and then decided to keep it because I look better with it… Wait, how did you know I have long hair?

Pictured: Chris O’Brien  Edge

What promotions do you watch?

In terms of watching every show- Progress, Lucha Underground and NXT. I watch every major New Japan show (there’s only so many Ten Man Tags a man can take so I avoid most of the road to shows) but I also keep up with the goings-on in WWE, ROH, Impact and ICW.

Who do you think you are, Dave Meltzer?

Nah, I’ll never have his credibility.

Favourite Wrestler ever?

Probably CM Punk, Edge or Rey Mysterio.

Favourite Wrestler right now?

Kenny Omega, I know it’s a cliché these days, but he got an amazing match out of Hangman Page and if that doesn’t prove how good he is, I don’t know what will.

Any controversial opinions?

Chris Benoit is a murderer who can never be forgiven… This shouldn’t be controversial but here we are!

Nice guitar dude!

Why thank you…. Hold on… GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!

What do you like other than Wrestling?

Music, I’m actually studying Music Business at Uni. I also follow F1 and enjoy what the kids refer to as “The Sesh”

Do you do anything else in the Wrestling world?

I host the Young Lion Podcast over on PodMania – Give us a listen!

Favourite move?

Nothing beats a good piledriver. Not flashy but when used sparingly is very effective.

Best match you’ve seen live?

King of Insanity match at Fear and Loathing X, just straight-up carnage and I love it!

Best show you’ve seen live?

ICW France 1998, while It’s not the best wrestling I’ve ever seen, it was pure fun! RVD making a surprise entrance was the biggest pop I’ve ever been a part of!

Where can we shout abuse at you online?

Hit me up on Twitter: @oman0401

Are you English?

I’m Scottish… Fuck you man.

What can we expect from you?

This seems like a good one to end on. At current I’m unsure, I’ll be looking to review some weekly shows and PPVs in some form with some editorials and classic show reviews thrown in there for fun.

I won’t have an answer for this until I am into some sort of groove, all I can guarantee is a Smark will be shouting about wrestling… You know, because we needed more of those.