MONOCHROME is a black and white dystopian film where the world sees color for the
first time. Those who turn color are labeled “Hues” and are outcast from society. THE
CHROMISM is the first feature film in the series and origin story of the world of
MONOCHROME. The film follows Isaac Ward (the first Hue) and his struggle to make
sense of these new developments and his struggle to survive. Future sequels are
already planned. The feature film is scheduled to be released in 2019 after going
through the film festival circuit.

The film is a labor of love for Kodi Zene (Writer/Director) and Lozen Fükem (Producer)
and the public release of the trailer is a milestone for the pair. From the time of the
original concept six years ago, the team has spent countless hours making the film a
reality. They started with an idea, filmed a teaser trailer, attending various conferences
with their printed materials in a little spray painted garden wagon until they built up
enough capital and interest to make the feature film. The film was filmed in Texas and
sticking with the theme of the film, includes all local actors with diverse race, sexual
preference and religious backgrounds. The film stars Josh Bangle, Cat Merritt, Devin
Leigh, Ryan Barnes, Andre Pelzer and Shashana Pearson.

“Today, we get to share our cast and crew’s hard work to our already thriving and loving
fan base that’s been with us over the last 6 years. Their commitment [to the project] astounds me.” -Producer, Lozen Fükem

Check back soon for exclusive interviews with Kodi Zene (Writer/Director) and Lozen Fükem (Producer)