Making a slower paced return to Netflix from Thursday 8th March is Jessica Jones. After the beautifully woven story arc of series one, (plus her contributing a significant amount of ass kicking in The Defenders), this season shows us a Jessica Jones who’s trying to put her life back together and answer the big questions around how she came to be who she is.

With a slightly brighter tone than series 1, series 2 aims to show Jessica developing closer relationships to the people that matter to her, as she digs into her past to uncover the truth. However fans of her punching people through walls can still expect to see plenty of rag doll violence when she runs into obstacles, or needs a quick exit plan.

For its second series, the Marvel-Netflix production recruited female directors to helm all 13 episodes – an achievement which furthers the series’ reputation as an envelope-pushing, women-centric drama with a complicated female protagonist at the forefront.

In case you missed any of the series 2 trailers you can watch them below, and tune into Netflix to watch the whole series from Thursday 8th March now!