Having first been announced back in 2015, it seemed like the planning stages for the new BBC adaptation of His Dark Materials were taking longer than expected and fans had become worried that perhaps the project had stalled. In late 2016, author Philip Pullman himself was quoted as saying:

“Things are moving steadily and well…. but it is a very big project… and it needs a great deal of planning.”

Well it looks like thing are stepping up several gears in 2018 with the recent announcement of key casting, with Logan star Dafne Keen and Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda both joining the project, starring as Lyra and Lee Scoresby respectively. Fresh from big Hollywood success (The King’s Speech, The Danish Girl), Tom Hooper has been given the Director’s chair with close sources saying he was exciting and very keen to work on the series.

With no hint of a release date yet, it seems the project still has some way to go before the Dust settles and the adventure begins…

Dafne Keen in Logan
Lin-Manuel Miranda

“Without stories, we wouldn’t be human beings at all” – Philip Pullman